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Who I am

The Anti-War Gamer is a project to bring together video gaming and the the movement for peace. I seek to share my love of games while informing the public about conflicts around the world and ongoing actions to end them.

This site is currently a one-man show, but perhaps more will join in the future.

What I Do

Play games, of course! You can catch me streaming primarily on Twitch. I am currently looking into charity and fundraising besides the excellent work of Extra Life which raises money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

Depending on what is happening around the globe, you may see information on this website, our social media accounts and streams about how you can get involved in a timely campaign for peace.

Excellent Orgs

There are many more organizations that do excellent work, but the above are almost explicitly anti-war rather than just part of what they do. Some of the above are affiliated or more closely aligned with specific political parties/ideologies, but their work towards peace is especially noteworthy.